Head, Hand, and Foot Massage


Price:  $35 for a 45 minute scalp, hand, and foot massage 

   Enjoy a relaxing scalp, hand, and foot massage. This 45 minute massage works only these 3 parts of the body allowing for a quick relaxing massage. The massage starts at the scalp, which can reduce tension and increase blood flow. Then moving to the hands to work out the tension in the fingers, palms and wrist. Ending with the feet to reduce soreness and improve blood flow.   

If you have any questions about this massage please contact me . 

There is a $5 discount if paying with cash.

I am now sorry that I have to put into policy a no show fee.  If you make an appointment and are a no show you will be charged a $25 fee.  You have to pay this fee by credit card prior to making an other appointment. 

This applies to all my customers