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With each modality you get the price listed and the length of each session.

 Police, Military, Firefighters/EMS do receive a discount (ID required) $10 off an hour session, $5 off a 1/2 hour session. 

 Please note that this building does not have elevators, it has a flight of stairs to the second floor.

Gift Certificates are available

Block times can be bought for a discount

Thank you for taking the time to stop and look.

I am now sorry that I have to put into policy a no show fee.  If you make an appointment and are a no show you will be charged a $25 fee.  You have to pay this fee by credit card prior to making an other appointment. 

This applies to all my customers, Groupon and Amazon included.     

I am please to say that I am now accepting credit cards (if you have a debit card, it will say debit on the card. I can not run it as a credit card).




Amy's Body Works is located in South Dayton (Kettering Ohio 45429)